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Cajun French Music Association  Dedicated to preserving traditional Cajun Music. 

Cajun Music MP3 Go here to download sample recordings from some classic Cajun recordings 

Goldband Records  Part of the The Southern Folklife Collection. The label that brought you Iry Lejun

Larry Miller A tireless and enthusiastic promoter of Cajun music and culture, Larry seems to turn up everywhere.  Jay has taken over his grandfather's accordion business.

The Liberty Centre  If you are in Eunice, Louisiana, and happen to be looking for something to do on a Saturday night.

Marc Savoy A pioneering accordion builder and player, Marc continues to have a big impact on cajun music.  Ann Savoy's book "Cajun Music: A Reflection of A People" is known as "the bible" up here in swampland.  The Savoy family makes great music together and in their own bands.

Keith Frank A hot performer who has been taking zydeco in some different directions.

Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys Steve and the boys have been pushing the cajun envelope since the early 90s, but still manage to keep one foot on the front porch. Their musicianship makes them a joy to hear

Tracy Schwarz A member of the New Lost City Ramblers, and a master of old time music, Tracy has also been deeply involved and influential in Cajun music circles, and has helped bring it to the rest of the world. Together with Ginny Hawker, Tracy continues to play heart stirring southern music.


The Acoustic Harvest Folk music club on the east side of Toronto

Hugh's Room  Folk and roots music on week nights and weekends

Mémoire et Racines  Traditional Quebecois music festival in Joliette, Quebec.


Sugar Camp Music  Not only does Steve Fruitman play great washboard on our CD, he also has a great web site.

Marilyn Cook of Shemogue, New Brunwsick makes wonderful folk art on silk.  You can get scarves, ties, shirts and more.  Some of her wall hangings are in frames made wood from genuine used lobster traps (courtesy of her husband Bill)

Northern Journey Online  A great resource for Canadian folk music.

Sam Broussard  The guitar player for the Mamou Playboys has his own special corner of the web

Tom and Myra  Tom and Myra lead the dance lessons before our Saturday Night Dances in Toronto. They also are a major part of the Contra Dance scene. Go to their site to find out more

Trente Sous Zéro  If you want to buy traditional Quebecois music, this is the place.